viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

Ken Andrews. Solo desnudos a toda luz.

Ken Andrews.
Ken Andrews es fotógrafo, director y productor  freelance de filmes y documentales.
Le interesa el retrato en su composición más pura: el desnudo, sin ningún otro adorno que nos pueda distraer y a toda luz. Logra imágenes de gran definición y naturalidad.

Why do I shoot nudes? Nudes are many things. A nude portrait literally strips down the subject to her purest presentation. But in the purity there is also a hint of intrigue, since sexuality is part of that purity. I love the way light plays off the skin, and the way something so familiar, the human form, can suddenly become abstract and new when artfully rendered. One of my earliest artistic epiphanies came from the photography of Edward Weston, and I have always aspired to make photographic tribute to feminine beauty. 
Ken Andrews.
Ken Andrews.

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